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Suntrust Cyberville

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Sabang, Dasmarinas Cavite
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 60 sqm to 160 sqm
Price Range: Php 984,104 to Php 2.7M


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Dasmariñas (or Dasma) is one of Cavite’s “hottest items” in terms of economic activities. Dubbed with different names such as the Melting Pot of Cavite, Internet Hub of Cavite and the University City of Cavite, the City is also home to one of Suntrust Properties, Inc.’s “hottest properties in town”, The Suntrust Cyberville.

The Suntrust Cyberville is a house and lot property development located in Sabang, Dasmariñas, Cavite. This area is considered one of the best places in Dasma for reasons of accessibility, pristine environment and technology-friendly community but at prices lower than most of the competition. Combining modern technology and nature-friendly garden community, the Cyberville residences occupies 10 hectares of land with selected Wi-Fi friendly hotspots. The entrance gate is guarded 24/7 (equipped with CCTV cameras at strategic places) and landscaped beautifully.

The houses come in different models such as Single Detached, Duplex Bungalow and 2-Storey Duplex. The unit sizes range from 60 to 160sqm with provision of carport for very unit. Most of the house models have minimum 2 bedrooms, tiled T&B, kitchen with cooktop, painted and finished walls and textured cement paint exterior, aluminum sliding windows, twin-rib designed and painted roof, first level ceramic tile floor while the second floor has vinyl tiles and many more home accessories.

Amenities outdoors are considered excellent by some industry experts, like the gazebo, basketball court, children’s playground, multi-purpose hall, jogging trail and much more garden and trimmed lush green surroundings. A truly nature-enhanced community! A property management services is on call anytime of the day if you want something modified, fix or replaced inside your house. Each unit conforms to industry standards and guaranteed by SPI to be totally safe, strong and may last for generations.

Being a high-tech community, the site is also education-friendly as various schools surround the place where your children could nurture their academic excellence. Schools such as De La Salle University, St. Scholastica’s College, Philippine Christian University, Philippine Women’s University and Immaculate Conception Academy, among others, are all within the area.

Leisure and commercial establishments are also nearby, like Makro-Imus, Robinson’s Place Imus, Robinson’s Mall Pala-Pala, SM Bacoor, SM Dasma and Walter Mart. Hospitals are also within reach in minutes like St. Dominic Hospital and De La Salle Medical Center. The Suntrust Cyberville is also a great place to go home when you work in any of the surrounding industrial estates such as the Cavite Economic Zone, Cavite Eco-Industrial Estate, Gateway Business Park or the Cavite First Industrial Estate.

Living in Metro Manila is most likely the dream of most people, especially those who happen to work in the area. However, not everyone can afford the rather high price tags attached to properties in the metropolitan areas, which is why many people look to the provinces that are just on the outskirts to provide them with good residential options that are easy on the budget while still being located in an accessible area. Suntrust Cyberville, located in Dasmarinas, Cavite, is one such community. You can choose from a range of budget-friendly houses, and even though it is technically in the province, the commute going to and from Metro Manila is not really that bad.

Suntrust was formerly just a financial company that dealt mostly with banking and life insurance. Now, it has diversified its investments. The company now deals in real estate development through the Suntrust Properties branch. Although the company has a couple of worthwhile investments in Metro Manila, its main focus is to provide affordable housing for the working middle-class, which is why most of their projects are in the nearby provinces.

The aim of Suntrust Cyberville is to provide people with comfortable living conditions, which is why there are no townhouses in the community, only duplexes. Although this means it cannot cram the maximum amount of people in the available area, and thus maximize profits, Suntrust aims to make sure that the residents are quite happy and content with their new homes.

The great thing about the homes in Suntrust Cyberville is that they are all quite roomy. You can also find plenty of rooms for further expansions if you wish. All of the housing units in the community are duplex-style buildings - two units that are mirror images of each other combined into one large house. They are similar to townhouses but there are only two units stuck to each other, giving both of them ample open space along their sides. If you are looking for a new house to call your home, you can choose from different model units in Suntrust Cyberville.

The first and most basic home model in Suntrust Cyberville is the Aeon Duplex. This house sits on 60 square meters of land and has a total of 41.44 square meters of total floor space. The Aeon is a single-story house with one bedroom, one T&B, and provisions for a one-car garage. With more than 40 square meters of space, you will be getting a large bedroom that can fit a king-sized bed and a couple of additional furniture, a complete bathroom, a spacious kitchen area (with built-in cabinets and tiled counter), and more than enough space for a living area and dining area.

The next option is the Zoe Duplex. This is a great choice if you want something that is a bit bigger without causing you to spend too much on additional cost. The Zoe is around 80 square meters with a total floor space of 52.57 square meters. That additional 10 square meters or so of floor space are converted into a second bedroom for the house. The amount of space for the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom areas are quite similar to the Aeon’s, albeit in a different configuration. With the addition of the second bedroom, the Zoe duplex is the best choice for small families (one or two children).

If you need even more space than what the Aeon and Zoe had to offer, you need to check out the Leia two-story duplex. Unlike the first two offerings, the Leia has two stories and a spacious balcony that also serve as the roof of the carport. The Leia sits on 80 square meters of land (which is the same as the Zoe) and has a total floor area of 60 square meters.

On the first floor of the house, you will find a spacious dining room area (that can fit a complete dining set for six people), a complete bathroom, and a huge kitchen area with a wide tiled countertop, built-in cabinets, and provisions for a refrigerator and a gas range. On the second floor, you will find the three spacious bedrooms and access to the balcony.

If you really do need even more space than what the Leia can offer, then you can also choose to buy a combined model unit. In other words, you can purchase the two side-by-side units and place a doorway in the dividing wall, or break the wall down altogether and turn the duplex into a one-story bungalow.  You can do this with all of the model unit choices.

Suntrust Suntrust Cyberville in Cavite, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Suntrust Cyberville, then check here first. We have full details of Suntrust Cyberville updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Suntrust Cyberville - Location & Vicinity

Suntrust Cyberville is located at Sabang, Dasmarinas Cavite

The Suntrust Cyberville is located in the sprawling city of Dasmarinas in the province of Cavite. Although it is still considered a province, Cavite is currently experiencing a surge in growth, mainly thanks to the people who chose to live there instead of inside the Metro Manila area. When you enter the Dasmarinas downtown area, you would not even believe that you are in a provincial area. It is mainly because there are quite a lot of modern facilities and institutions that can rival the ones in some Metro Manila cities.

For instance, if you have school-aged children then you are probably wondering where you can enroll them in case you do decide to live in Suntrust Cyberville. You will be surprised to find that Dasmarinas is actually home to dozens of different learning institutions. If you have elementary and high school aged kids, you can enroll them in one of the many public and private schools that are in the area, like the Congressional National High School, Glory Christian School of Dasmarinas, Corinthian Institute of Cavite, and many more. On the other hand, if your children are already in college, and they want to transfer into a school that is nearby, you can have them enrolled in De La Salle University, St. Scholastica’s College, Philippine Christian University, and Philippine Women’s University among others.

Another concern that you might have is the availability of clinics and hospitals in the area. Of course, you would want easy access to emergency medical services in case you need them, so living in an area where there are many different hospitals to choose from is the best. When you live in Suntrust Cyberville, lack of hospitals nearby will be the absolute least of your worries, as there are dozens of them you can choose from. All of them are also just minutes away by car. Some of the biggest hospitals that you can practically walk to from the main gate of the community are the St. Dominic Hospital and the La Salle University Medical Center.

If you are thinking of switching careers, or starting anew in your new home, you can do so easily in Suntrust Cyberville for there are dozens of industrial parks in the area where you can find gainful employment and a fulfilling career. Some of these are the Cavite First Industrial Estate, Gateway Business Park, and the Golden Mile Business Park among others. On the other hand, if you are still working in Metro Manila, you can get to and from work even if you don’t have your own car. You can find different buses and jeepneys that ply all sorts of routes going into Metro Manila. The travel time usually takes just an hour or so.

 Yes, you will be living in a province, but then again, Cavite is not like the other provinces that are far away from the Metro. In fact, the province is experiencing a huge growth in the past couple of years, so much so that it might even become a strong economic powerhouse itself in the near future.

Industrial Zones

  • Golden Mile Business Park
  • Cavite First Industrial Estate
  • Cavite Economic Zone
  • Cavite Eco-Industrial Estate
  • Gateway Business Park


  • De La Salle University
  • St. Scholastica's College
  • Immaculate Concepcion Academy
  • Philippine Christian University
  • Philippine Women's University


  • St. Dominic Hospital
  • La Salle Medical Center

Leisure and Commercial Destinations

  • Robinsons Mall Pala-pala
  • Robinsons Mall Dasmariñas
  • Robinsons Place Imus
  • SM Dasnariñas
  • SM Bacoor
  • Makro-Imus
  • Walter Mart
Suntrust Cyberville Location

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Living Room

Suntrust Cyberville

Suntrust Cyberville

Suntrust Cyberville - Features & Amenities

Just like any other gated community, Suntrust Cyberville offers quite a lot of amenities that will keep the residents happy and content, even if they do not set foot outside of the main gate for days on end. For instance, if you are looking for recreational facilities that everyone in your family will surely enjoy, you can head on over to the basketball court in the middle of the compound, so you can shoot hoops and get some much needed exercise while still having lots of fun. For the kids, you can take them to one of the several playgrounds in the community. These playgrounds come with complete play equipment that are placed on top of a soft bed of grass so young kids won’t get hurt if ever they fall down.

If you like to jog a couple of miles every morning before you go to work, or do so right after you come home and before you start making dinner, you will be glad to know that there is an actual jogging path that is in the central area of the compound. You no longer have to worry about getting run over by vehicles while on your morning or evening run. The only thing that you will be bumping onto are your friends.

If you need a quiet place where you can relax and unwind, you can head on over to the Central Gazebo, which is the clubhouse of the community. There you can sit on the benches while you admire the beauty of the plants and flowers in the garden surrounding the structure. You can also check your social media accounts and email while you are sitting in the gazebo area as there is a free Wi-Fi access for residents. This is the area in the community where you can hang out and have a chat with your neighbors. This will also make for a great venue for when the homeowners were to hold a periodic meeting.

If you will be having a party or some sort of get together with your friends and family, and you absolutely do not have enough room in your house for your guests, you can rent the Cyberville’s multipurpose hall. The Multipurpose Hall is quite massive, with a maximum capacity of around 100 to 150 persons, so unless you expect your guests will number the thousands, you can just hold your event within the comfort of the community.

The great thing about living in Suntrust Cyberville is that there wouldn’t be that many people crammed into a small patch of land. There will still be enough space in between the houses that wind can still freely circulate in between the buildings. This is the problem with other budget real estate developments. They place the townhouses so close together that the wind does not even hit the inner units anymore.

Security is also not a problem because the entire compound is enclosed by a rather tall concrete wall and the entrance gate is always manned by a security guard. Speaking of the guards, they will always be constantly patrolling the inside of the community to make sure all of the residents are safe and sound.

Community amenities

  • Gazebo with Wi-Fi Accessible
  • Basketball Court
  • Children's Playgrounds
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Jogging Path

Suntrust Cyberville - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Aeon Duplex - Bare ₱ 1,065,300 Lot Area 60 sqm/ Floor Area 28.94 sqm
Aeon Duplex - Complete ₱ 1,166,530 Lot Area 60 sqm/ Floor Area 41.44 sqm
Zoe Duplex - Basic ₱ 1,291,080 Lot Area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 37.87 sqm
Zoe Duplex - Complete ₱ 1,467,570 Lot area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 52.57 sqm
Aeon SD or Combined - Complete ₱ 2,333,590 Lot area 120 sqm/ Floor Area 71.6 sqm
Zoe SD or Combined - Complete ₱ 2,933,550 Lot Area 160 sqm/ Floor Area 90.44 sqm
Aeon Combined - Basic ₱ 2,129,540 Lot area 120 sqm/ Floor Area 71.6 sqm
Zoe Combined - Basic ₱ 2,580,040 Lot Area 160 sqm/ Floor Area 88.24 sqm
Leia Premium Complete Combined ₱ 4,689,910 Lot Area 160 sqm/ Floor Area 150.4 sqm
Leia Standard (2-Storey Duplex) ₱ 2,004,460 Lot Area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 60 sqm
Leia Premium (2-Storey Duplex) ₱ 2,295,430 Lot Area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 90 sqm

Suntrust Cyberville - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : Spot Cash with 10% discount
Option 2 : ( 20 – 80 Scheme )
20% DP over 18 months
80% Remaining balance payable thru BF

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