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Suntrust : Suntrust Cyberville For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Aeon Duplex - Bare ₱ 1,065,300 Lot Area 60 sqm/ Floor Area 28.94 sqm
Aeon Duplex - Complete ₱ 1,166,530 Lot Area 60 sqm/ Floor Area 41.44 sqm
Zoe Duplex - Basic ₱ 1,291,080 Lot Area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 37.87 sqm
Zoe Duplex - Complete ₱ 1,467,570 Lot area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 52.57 sqm
Aeon SD or Combined - Complete ₱ 2,333,590 Lot area 120 sqm/ Floor Area 71.6 sqm
Zoe SD or Combined - Complete ₱ 2,933,550 Lot Area 160 sqm/ Floor Area 90.44 sqm
Aeon Combined - Basic ₱ 2,129,540 Lot area 120 sqm/ Floor Area 71.6 sqm
Zoe Combined - Basic ₱ 2,580,040 Lot Area 160 sqm/ Floor Area 88.24 sqm
Leia Premium Complete Combined ₱ 4,689,910 Lot Area 160 sqm/ Floor Area 150.4 sqm
Leia Standard (2-Storey Duplex) ₱ 2,004,460 Lot Area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 60 sqm
Leia Premium (2-Storey Duplex) ₱ 2,295,430 Lot Area 80 sqm/ Floor Area 90 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : Spot Cash with 10% discount
Option 2 : ( 20 – 80 Scheme )
20% DP over 18 months
80% Remaining balance payable thru BF


  • DP - Down Payment
  • BF - Bank Financing

Suntrust Cyberville Reservation Fee: PHP 10,000

If you ever do decide to leave the hustle and bustle of the metro, Suntrust Cyberville will be a worthwhile choice for your new abode. You will actually have quite a number of reasons why you should seriously consider investing in Suntrust Cyberville - too many to mention in just one article. The biggest reason among all of them is quite possibly the price of the houses. The model home units in Cyberville are quite spacious and roomy. Most of them will not even break the PhP3 M mark. Regardless if you’re a young, up and coming professional, or you are thinking of starting a family, you will find the right house in Suntrust Cyberville.

 Another reason why you should seriously consider buying a house in Cyberville is because of the location. Cavite is just on the outskirts of Manila and Makati, which means the commute to and from work will not be any worse than when you live in the other cities in Metro Manila. Take Quezon City, for example. If you were to commute from the center of QC and into the Makati CBD, it will take at least an hour and a half to get there and this is roughly the same amount of time were you to travel from Dasmarinas. In addition, even though Cavite is a province, you will not find a shortage of commercial shopping centers and other recreational structures within city limits.

 If you are still on the fence whether you will be buying a home in Suntrust Cyberville, I suggest that you make up your mind soon while there are still some empty slots that you can choose from.

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